Safer Together

People are what matters most.

On every project, our highest priority is keeping people safe – our clients, team members, construction partners, and the public. And people are how we make it happen. 

Through a deeply personal and intelligent approach, Abbott Construction’s Accident Prevention Program exceeds top tier safety procedures.


It begins with real knowledge. Every employee, regardless of their job title, attends a customized safety training program taught by a certified safety instructor. Abbott’s Accident Prevention Program goes deep into safety culture and best practices through a team-centric approach. Our staff are informed, aware, and on the same page before we take a single step on the field.


Everyone has the power to make a difference. Every employee, at every level, is empowered by Abbott Construction to take immediate action if they see anything that causes a safety concern. We encourage open and frequent communication. We address every safety matter, no matter how small.


We are safer together. With Abbott’s people-centric safety program, looking out for each other becomes second nature – from using a buddy system on hot days, to treating every walk on the site like a safety inspection. For us, safety is a team sport.


Each project has its own unique risks, so Abbott creates Site Specific Safety Orientations that are customized to every job, and mandatory for everyone working on site. Coupled with weekly safety meetings and continuous inspections, this customized approach ensures we are fully equipped to build safely, start to finish.  

…So Everyone Goes Home

At Abbott Construction, safety awareness is every day, all the time. We keep on educating, empowering, engaging, and equipping. We stay at the forefront of best practices. We keep safety at the top of our minds and in the center of our hearts. That means everyone stays healthy, and everyone goes home.

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