safety 360

People are what matters most.

On every project, our highest priority is keeping people safe – our clients, team members, construction partners, and the public.
And people are how we make it happen. 

Through a deeply personal and intelligent approach, Abbott Construction’s Safety 360 Program exceeds top tier safety procedures.

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Going deeper

We tend to think about safety as a clean jobsite and wearing hardhats. But what about when fatigue sets in after staying up all night with a sick kid? Or the distraction of a family member in the hospital? Over 80% of safety accidents happen because of unsafe behavior, not environment. That’s why our Safety 360 program is so effective. It gets to the heart of how we build safely.

Safety 360 is more than a set of rules, it’s an attitude. Beyond detailed guidelines, we have a company culture that’s constantly thinking about safety – on the jobsite, and at home, too. It’s the first thing we talk about at every meeting. We put it at the front of our minds, because if we aren’t working safely, we aren’t working.

By going deep into understanding why people make safety mistakes, we can address the very things that cause them. It’s as crucial as following the rules of a jobsite, so we make it happen through safety meetings, regular site walks, and safety coaching.

Because each project has its own unique risks, customized safety plans are designed for every project. That ensures your occupants, visitors, and building team remain safe at all times — not to mention the natural savings of prevented safety incidents.

The proof that our program works is in the numbers. With a company-wide Experience Modification Rate of .59, we are one of the safest contractors in the US.

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