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Faster schedules, targeted design innovation, managed budgets, satisfying experiences. These are the benefits available to owners through design-build delivery, and they depend entirely on having the right design-build contractor to lead the process.

Not every general contractor can be a strong design-builder. Design-build requires a powerful understanding of the design process, and the creativity to synthesize it with construction planning. At Abbott we see project confinements such as limited budgets, tight schedules, site conditions, and unusual programmatic goals as opportunities for design and construction innovation. And great innovation is only successful with accountability. Abbott holds team members accountable for each of their deliverables, ensuring that what we produce meets and exceeds our client’s goals. 

The investment of hiring Abbott as design-builder is proven by the results. In a recent internal study of five Abbott projects we discovered:

  • Abbott design-build projects, on average, are delivered overall faster than Traditional Delivery. This equates to earlier revenue generation for our clients’ businesses.
  • Abbott design and permitting activities are generally completed faster than Traditional Delivery.
  • Abbott’s individual construction activity durations are typically shorter than Traditional Delivery.
  • Most clients who have experienced design-build delivery with Abbott tend to do their future projects as design-build.

When done right, design-build produces the best of what design and construction have to offer. If you believe your project could benefit from a design-build solution, please contact us today. We would be happy to discuss the process, and even recommend potential design partners who we believe would be an excellent fit for your project.



We have been most satisfied with the outstanding performance of Abbott and consider them a valued member of our development team.
Charles E. Hart, Executive Vice President - TRF Pacific, Inc.