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Building Envelope Program

The envelope of a building has a unique set of challenges that if not handled properly can negatively impact a building's performance, life span, and environmental conditions for those who occupy it. Abbott's proven Building Envelope Program removes remediation uncertainties by proactively identifying risks and providing solid, realistic solutions.

Abbott’s team of experts have over 30 years combined experience in addressing needs that are specific to exterior envelope remediation, and have well-earned reputations amongst prominent building defect investigation professionals. By conducting thorough investigations we are able to identify various building envelope concerns such as air infiltration, water intrusion and structural and site control issues. In addition, we understand how to work with, and properly assist building envelope consultants, lawyers and insurance companies during the investigation process.

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We have been most satisfied with the outstanding performance of Abbott and consider them a valued member of our development team.
Charles E. Hart, Executive Vice President - TRF Pacific, Inc.