Women of Abbott Series | Meet Nick Nye

by Karen Lee

Posted on

March 04, 2020

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It was by chance that marketing manager Nick Nye got into the construction industry. Having started her career as a commercial artist and foraying into other avenues along the way, Nick was given an opportunity to work at a construction company in the late 90s as a project administrator on jobsites. In this position, Nick discovered that she genuinely enjoyed working out in the field on a construction site and learning the ins-and-outs of the built environment.

Nonetheless, after a few years, Nick’s creative side was tugging at her and that’s when another opportunity arose in the firm’s marketing department allowing her to apply her artistic abilities once again.

Now with 20 years in construction marketing under her belt, five of those at Abbott, Nick still finds it a thrill and an honor being on the front-line of the process of securing work for the company. However, it’s something that she doesn’t take lightly. Nick is committed to doing her absolute best in order to obtain work for fellow team members whom she admires and respects.

What Nick also finds stimulating about her job is the overall creativity that it entails. She takes pleasure in how the marketing team generates and implements new or more expressive ways to showcase how great Abbott and its people are. Further, she enjoys working with a diverse group of styles and personalities company-wide making it even more rewarding when everything comes together at the end.

This diversity is what Nick appreciates at Abbott. The culture embraces different personalities and skillsets, everyone is treated the same, and the company values and encourages everyone’s input. She is constantly amazed at how Abbott works to harness the unique traits of individuals instead of trying to make everyone fit into a certain mode. Having been in the industry for several decades, Nick knows this is not the norm and firmly believes that it’s a primary reason for Abbott’s continued success.