Women of Abbott Series | Meet Jamey Catalano

by Karen Lee

Posted on

March 06, 2020

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Construction is like second nature for project manager Jamey Catalano and if you ask her, she will say it is in her blood. Jamey spent most of her childhood being around her father’s construction sites and helping him with numerous remodels as she grew older. So, it’s no surprise that construction is also the path Jamey chose as her career.

In fact, most of the jobs Jamey has ever had has been in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry. She started as a secretary for an architect/engineering firm while she was still in high school and then moved briefly to a blueprinting firm. Her first job with a general contractor was working as a safety coordinator, followed by being a marketing coordinator, before becoming a project technician, then eventually taking on a project engineer role. Subsequently, she has been in the AEC industry for over 14 years with more than four years at Abbott.

What has held Jamey’s interest in this industry can be summed up into two main factors – each project is different so that there’s never a dull moment, and the satisfaction of watching a project evolve from drawings on a piece of paper to a fully functional physical building. She has always been fascinated with seeing all the pieces come together and having the gratification of being able to say, “I built that.”

Jamey is proud of the work she does at Abbott. She believes that the company fully supports and empowers their employees to learn and grow in order to forge their own paths, as well as to have pride in the work they do.