Subcontractors and Suppliers

Subcontractor/Supplier Prequalification

Strong subcontractor/supplier relationships are instrumental to Abbott’s success.

We pride ourselves in teaming with subcontractors/suppliers who share our mindset of a collaborative partnership that incorporates best practices and utilizes the industry’s most dedicated and skilled workforce.

If you would like to work with Abbott in a subcontractor or supplier capacity, please complete our three-step process:

Step 1 – Obtain Contractor Score Certificate

Use CONTRACTORScore to obtain a Contractor Score Certificate.

Step 2 – Complete Abbott’s Subcontractor/Supplier Application Form

Our electronic form can be downloaded here.

Step 3 – Submit

Email completed Subcontractor/Supplier Application, along with any attachments and Contractor Score

Certificate to


For questions please contact


Please fillout and electronically sign the ACH Form to allow for direct payment.


UCLA Warner Graduate Art Studio Renovation & Addition (Project No. 947265.01)

Bid Package #4: Rough Carpentry & Structural Wood

Bid Package #6: Fire Suppression

Bid Package #7: Plumbing

Bid Package #8: HVAC

Bid Package #9: Electrical

Bid Package #12: Painting

Bid Package #13: Acoustical Ceilings, Wall Panels

Bid Package #14: Doors, Frames & Hardware