Women of Abbott Series | Meet Dawn Pierce

by Nick Nye

Posted on

March 06, 2018

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Project Administrator Dawn Pierce’s entry into the construction industry was an unexpected fluke. After moving to Portland from California to be closer to family, Dawn was unable to find a job that resonated with her within her field of expertise, psychology. Not one to sit idly by, Dawn decided to take a temporary job as a receptionist for a general contractor until she could find what she was really looking for. However, due to her strong work ethic and vivacious personality, the temporary job quickly turned into a full-time Project Coordinator position.

After working with another contractor, and a few years of being a full-time mom, Dawn joined Abbott in a part-time capacity. When the need for family healthcare presented itself, she inquired as to how many hours a week she would need to work to qualify. Assuming it would be 40, she was delighted to learn it was 32 hours a week. Once Abbott increased her hours, Dawn not only received family health insurance coverage, but also access to all of the other benefits the company offered. This occurred during a time when other companies in the industry were reducing employee hours in order to save money. It was through this experience that Dawn realized that Abbott was truly different from other contractors. She had always worked for companies where generosity and compassion were the exception, but at Abbott they were shown to be the rules.

Dawn truly loves her job with Abbott. She is thankful for the cohesive and collaborative environment the company promotes, and the fun and supportive nature of her Portland office team members. Because of this, Dawn is not afraid to peek outside of her comfort zone and try new things.

Dawn never expected to be in construction for over 18 years. Now, she can’t imagine doing anything different, and most importantly — working anywhere else.