Women of Abbott Series | Meet Sarah Hollenbeck

by Nick Nye

Posted on

March 05, 2018

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It was the flipping of a house with a friend that got Project Engineer | Quality Control Manager Sarah Hollenbeck hooked on construction. The result, a career spanning over 20 years and numerous government projects, including the recently completed US General Services Administration Office Lease Facility.

What is it about construction that appeals so much to this industry veteran? The fact that no two projects are ever the same, and the continuous learning opportunities she has due to the ever-changing nature of the work. It’s never a dull moment for her.

Since joining Abbott, Sarah has utilized her vast expertise to expand the company’s quality assurance/control program and has been an integral player in furthering Abbott’s diversity program. In fact, the company’s dedication to diversity is one of the things she believes sets Abbott apart from other companies. She likes how readily Abbott embraces a variety of backgrounds and experiences within its own workforce, actively seeks to partner with organizations who do the same, and how diligent it works to provide opportunities for sbe/dbe/MBE/MWBE subcontractors and suppliers.

As a mother, Sarah has always had to be creative when balancing the demands of motherhood and her job. She appreciates Abbott’s commitment towards employees maintaining a work/life balance which enables her to be a fully engaged parent AND a successful member of the Abbott team.